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Becoming Sensitive to the Sacred

We can examine relationships at multiple levels in order to better understand them, but does that mean we know how improve them? When I sit down with a couple, I am clear on what my goal is. And it may not be what you think. Pulling Focus Relationships are at once fundamental and transcendental, and one of the challenges for…

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Why Your Marriage is Doomed to Fail

After spending the better part of my life studying relationships, including a fair amount of time trying to salvage them, I have reached the following conclusion: All marriages must fail. It’s not that I have become jaded or cynical. Quite the contrary. Now, more than ever, I maintain hope that men and women everywhere can discover the kind of soulful…

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Meditations on Loving and Losing

The seasons of life are temperamental. Some seem to bring success beyond imagination while others harbor endless sorrow. In those times when loss floats (or bursts) to the surface, therapy can be a blessed space for comfort and compassion. But while helping people to start coping with loss is an accepted part of the work, our role in helping people to quit denying…

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