Individual Therapy

“The soul often hides in dark corners, in places we’d rather not go…and so, we must be intrepid in our search for it.” -Thomas Moore

About Individual Therapy

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting the most out of your life? Maybe you’re lonely and unsatisfied, or you’re just “going through the motions.” Do you sense that something is missing but you’re not quite sure what?

People come to therapy with a range of complaints: insomnia, sadness, grief, anxiety, etc. Yet, these “personal problems” are often silhouetted against a backdrop of disconnection. We could stand being sad every now and again if it didn’t leave us feeling so isolated. Our anger wouldn’t be an issue if it didn’t keep pushing people away. Our losses might be bearable if they didn’t prevent us from going after the relationships we want.

The experience of loving and being loved is what makes us feel that we are spending our time on this earth wisely. Recognizing this, therapy begins with what is most immediately distressing, but proceeds with an eye towards increasing connection and aliveness. Together, you and I will uncover what is blocking you from experiencing the unlimited joy of love and relationship that belongs to you.

What You Can Expect:

  • A professional who views you first and foremost as a person, not a case or diagnosis
  • My personal commitment to understanding you on your terms
  • A collaborative effort to name problems rather than my one-sided attempt to label them
  • A gentle, resource-oriented approach to intense emotions
  • Nurture, guidance, and loving firmness as needed
  • Laughter! Because therapy can be fun, too

What You Won’t Get

  • Diagnosed, labeled, judged, or otherwise pathologized
  • An emphasis on personal history at the expense of present experience
  • Pressure to “release emotions”
  • Focus on deficits and dysfunction
  • My theories on “why you are the way you are”

I believe that life is a spiritual journey and its meaning is revealed to us through relationships. Wherever you are on your own particular path — no matter how dark — I am ready to meet you there and walk with you.



My Specialties


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The essence of depression is that some part of us is “asleep.” It might be the part that is capable of experiencing joy, or the part that can express empathy towards the self and others. It may even be the more powerful part of us that is in charge of its own destiny. Together, you and I will uncover when and how these parts went “offline,” and work towards rediscovering them.

Sexuality Counseling

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Inside each of us is a sage voice whose only goal is to keep us safe. It says things like “don’t follow too close to that truck,” and “be sure to look both ways.” Sometimes, the voice gets so loud that its message becomes lost. In extreme cases, it can even sound like incoherent screams. In therapy, I spend a lot of time getting to know this voice. Together, you and I will find the wisdom-in-the-worry and discover ways to soothe the anxious part of you while making sure its safety needs get met.

Grief and Loss

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Life is full of losses. From the monumental ones we grieve publicly to the private ones we experience daily in our own hearts, each of us must ultimately learn to grieve and move through. Unfortunately, most of us receive precious little instruction on grief, and our gain-oriented culture adds further shame and stigma. We need more places where the weight of loss can be fully and safely experienced without feeling pressure to “fix” it. Whether you are neck-deep in the immediate aftermath, struggling to cope months or years later, or experiencing an unexpected re-opening of an old wound, I am here to help you process and make sense of what has happened.

Intimate Relationships

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Most of us don’t learn how to cultivate great relationships in the best of times, much less build ones that stand up to force. The truth we often overlook is that if we want great relationships, we have to be great in them. If you feel like you haven’t been bringing your best self to your most important interactions, I can help you be less defensive, more loving, and more openhearted with your partner.

Life Transitions

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No matter how vigorously we might resist, change is a part of life, and our ability to navigate transitions plays an important role in determining our overall health and happiness. Even welcomed changes are often challenging, placing new demands on everything from our daily schedules to our sense of identity, purpose, and meaning.  Whether you are embarking on a new path or having one thrust upon you, I am here to help you make the most of life’s rearrangements.

Dating and Attraction Coaching

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Most of us aren’t taught much about dating and attraction. Instead we “learn on the job.” Often, this means years of rejection, struggling, and even settling for “so-so” relationships. We need more guidance in this important area. After all, dating better means better relationships and, ultimately, healthier families and communities. I can help you be intentional about attracting the kind of genuine relationships you’re seeking. Together, we will gain clarity on the experiences you want to have in relationships and use your dating journey as a vehicle for personal growth.

Parenting Support

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Communication around sex is often highly charged because of embarrassment and fear of rejection. I help couples prioritize sexual intimacy and discover new ways of expressing desire, longing, and fantasy.

Spiritual Exploration

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The problems that drive us to seek mental health treatment often point to a deeper spiritual hunger. In this way, the unpleasant experience of suffering can be used as a pathway to deeper experiences of empathy, compassion, and love.  Whether you’re working within an existing spiritual framework or building one from scratch, I can help you explore important questions about meaning, purpose, and existence.

Divorce and Break Up Recovery

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Intimacy occurs when partners approach one another as equals. Waning passion is often a sign that partners are locked in a power struggle that may even be occurring outside of awareness. I help partners resolve power struggles so they can return to a state of closeness.

Developmental Trauma

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Addiction and Self-Medication

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Trust is the foundation of repair. When it is missing, even the most routine moments of disconnection can feel agonizing. I help partners examine what they are doing to damage the trust in their relationship, and to build new habits that promote safety and forgiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner doesn’t want to come?

It’s common for one partner to be more invested in therapy than the other. If this is the case for you, it can still be beneficial to come alone. Positive changes are somewhat contagious, and often one partner adjusting their relationship “style” is enough to create substantial improvements.

If your case is more dire, we can discuss ways of getting both of you “to the table.”

We’ve tried couples therapy before and it didn’t work. Are we a lost cause?

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Can you save my marriage?

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